Trust1Connector : Intro

Only 1 connector to capture everything

Trust1Connector is more than just a useful tool. It is a concept that is oriented towards the future. It brings authentication and identity insurance from your end users to your back-end services.
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easy for your end user

Why ask your end users to download, install and maintain several packages of middleware and drivers?
Choose the one time installer with the distribution service and automatic updates of the Trust1Connector.

high security standard

Based on micro services principles, Trust1Connector is extremely secure with incredible flexibility.

you're Looking for

Do you want to focus on something else than solving new and endlessly recurring difficulties in connecting smartcards, tokens, certificates… to managed (on your corporate network) and unmanaged devices (the end customer at home)? Then choose Trust1Connector to create an abstraction of all the technical complexity of the multidimensional matrix: OS, Internet browser, standard communication protocols and data models. Our connector solves these problems for you.

Transportation & public services

Public transportation companies use smartcards to create standard containers and products for travelers. Trust1Connector also offers models and capabilities for public services where the interoperability between the actors is key.
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Banking & Insurance

So many office or online scenarios can be simplified with the Trust1Connector and its integration components such as: identification, authentication, signing… The limit is your own creativity and we will provide you assistance to make a successful integration.
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Governments & global organizations

Move forward and offer to your citizens and your end users an easy way to identify and sign documents/transactions with eID cards, mobile devices, tokens… Trust1Connector offers 1 central solution for many applications.
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THE Features


    Browsers are increasingly blocking JAVA nowadays. Trust1Connector is a full NPAPI alternative to avoid any troubles (no applets, no additional software…), and offers the most transparent experience for end-users.

  • Small footprint

    Keeping the size of the software package very small is one of our key priority features, and also one of the most important: having the same package for all platforms means easy accessibility for all OS … including mobile ones!

  • Only communication standards

    No proprietary protocols or vendor lock in. Trust1Connector is using the best communication standards and open protocols to guarantee a future-proof solution… with an impressive security layer of course!


ING Commfides
Provincie Antwerpen
Record Bank
ING Lease
Sopra Steria


An open source way of working

ChoosingTrust1Connector means choosing for an open source way of working. Every partner brings its own use case and experience to the table, allowing us to further improve Trust1Connecor with the following benefits:

  • 100% Alternative
    This package is unique and uses the best standards without dependencies. The distribution system makes your life easier: you can progress quickly, and focus on an easy integration.
  • 100% Customizable
    Add your own branding, choose your installation process, build your own Trust1Connector inside and outside from your organization… Your end user will feel secure and comfortable: they can stay in the same secure context throughout their experience.
  • 100% Extensible
    Choose new capabilities thanks to the extendable framework. Start today with one model and change tomorrow, according to your business roadmap. All fully transparent for your end-users.
worldwide users
OS/Browser combinations supported
available containers for your business
days saved in integration on your side per container


Check the next generation ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), allowing you to manage, expose and to consume all types of micro-services and APIs inside your organization, and towards your external partners and third parties.
Trust1Gateway is an API management platform, created and maintained by Trust1Team. This is a modular, state-of-the-art platform which offers functionality for service developers to create, register and publish their APIs. The platform additionally offers application developers access to existing published services, allowing them to use these APIs in their own applications. During application run-time, all service calls are logged and metrics are made available.

The Trust1Vault secures, stores, and tightly controls access to tokens, passwords, certificates, API keys, and other secrets for services in need. The vault handles leasing, key revocation, key rolling, and auditing. Through a unified API, users or services can access an encrypted key/value store and network encryption-as-a-service.
All data that the vault stores is encrypted. Any dynamically-generated secrets are associated with leases, and the vault will automatically revoke these secrets after the lease period ends. Access control policies provide strict control over who can access what secrets; the vault stores a detailed audit log of all authenticated client interaction.